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Be noticed - rise above your competition

Be featured on the online Divorce TV Expert Panel

Edited video highlights of 3-4 sections starring you to share widely

The highlights featuring you will be shared with my LI network (4,143), my Facebook divorce support group (516), Twitter followers @sosDivorce (3,329), Business 1st TV Twitter followers (5,718)

  • £400+vat one-off payment

2 ways to get more website visitors - help customers find you on google

Let's take those video highlights and load them onto Youtube. Have you noticed how videos rank very highly on internet searches?

Then we can create a blog post including the embedded video to add to your blog - or the Altermative Divorce Directory blog (with a healthy google-juice backlink to your website) and this will attract organic (free) traffic to your website.

  • £300 one-off payment

Listed on the Alternative Divorce Directory - be seen to be a 'peacemaker'

Listed on the only UK directory that is dedicated to peaceful ways to divorce. Associate your company with a trusted brand, and benefit from a healthy backlink to your website through being listed on the Directory.

  • £20pm

Add a valuable resource to your website - a Best Way To Divorce infographic (supplied) - and the monthly cost is even lower:

  • 10pm

Introductions to referrers and potential clients

This is the elite membership, which includes:

  • Introductions to potential referrers
  • Introductions to potential clients by being included as part of the Divorce Strategy Support Package
  • Included in the Dispute Resolution Support Pack shared by mediators & lawyers (or your own bespoke version if you are a mediator or lawyer)
  • Featured on the Divorce TV Expert Panel
  • Edited highlights of you as an expert in action
  • Video shared on social media, added to Youtube & created into a blog post
  • Full page listing on Alternative Divorce Directory
  • Included as a member of the Best Way To Divorce Facebook Group (500+ members)
  • Marketing strategy session (40 mins) to help you get the full value from your membership

  • Value of the above services = £2,920 pa

With an annual contract there is a saving of £1,000pa

  • £160 + vat pm (min 1 year contract)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Divorce Strategist Suzy Miller create the Alternative Divorce Directory?

Because as a Divorce Strategist, I need a wide range of experts throughout the UK to refer clients to. So I have been building my referral network through the directory, and it is also accessible to those searching for your services via search engines.

Why did you create Divorce TV?

I believe that online TV via Youtube and other platforms is the way forward, in promoting dispute resolution to a wider audience. I used to work in film and television in the past, so it has been a natural step for me to take. It's a very relaxed and entertaining way to show case professionals who can help clients to have a better, more peaceful divorce.

What are the main benefits to me?

My website is well ranked so that means your listing includes a healthy google-backlink (ask your SEO person, they will confirm this). You will be ahead of the curve against your competitors, many of whom are still stuck on Linked In and afraid to make the step to Facebook and Youtube (where so many of their clients spend so much time!). You will increase your cross-referral network and gain new clients.

What about the free Client benefit - what's that all about?

I have financial experts, divorce coaches and psychotherapists on my Directory who I put into a neat pdf so that you can easily share it with clients. Plenty of other lawyers already are (see testimonials below). There is a disclaimer on the front and I can even introduce you to those financial and wellbeing experts (who are looking to increase their own referal network) as icing on the cake. It's a win-win for you and your clients - as they get free no-obligation initial consultations with any of the experts they may choose to contact - and you get clients who are then less stressed and easier to work with!

Who Are Sharing Our Free Resource Pack For Clients